Xyn, Xyngabo and Xyngaboist

Xyn, Xyngabo and Xyngaboist

symbolsOur Earthly roots date back over five hundred years (1510), to when the eight families were brought together by Chhhavune1. The knowledge of our place in the multiverse and the true nature of all existence within, has been in our hands only shared with those capable of understanding. We stayed in the shadows for as long as we were directed too; for as long as we could. With over twenty-five thousand followers around the world and the closing of this chapter nearing, it is time to open up to all that are capable of understanding; to those that are not so obstinate that their beliefs are already sealed in stone; to those capable of losing all of their biases and antipathy towards other living creatures.

Nearly eight hundred years ago, Chhhavune, a Gruoink distractor, realized the nature of the damage thon2 had caused to the human race and countless other civilizations and species.  Chhhhavune's assignment on Earth had been to infiltrate major religions and use them to steer humanity's technological advancement off course; by way of arbitrary rules and war.  Much like the religions thon infiltrated, Chhhhavune was deceived and manipulated into doing the bidding of the Xyn.

After thon's awakening, Chhhhavune set out to heal all of the wounds it had created.  After nearly three hundred years on the run Chhhhavune made it back to Earth.  Exhausted and nearly dead Chhhhavune used the last of thon power to bring together the leaders of eight tribes and proved to them that thon story was not a fallacy.  They were given several books that explained the inner workings of our multiverse and instructed to keep this knowledge to themselves for at least five hundred years; any sooner would have climacteric consequences.

The Xyn and the Xyngabo

The Xyn(z-shin) inhabit a universe outside or our multiverse and are restrained by completely different physical laws.  In an effort to better understand their existence, the Xyn genetically engineered an organic quantum3 computer known as the Xyngabo4,5.  Our entire multiverse is created by and exists within the Xyngabo6.  Consciousness is created with the Xyngabo's  lasec gland and beamed into every conscious being within the multiverse; the Xyngabo's consciousness is then filtered through the biology of the being7.  This means that every conscious being within the multiverse is a representation of the same being.  We are all the Xyngabo.


A Xyngaboist knows that hatred, bigotry, antipathy towards other living creatures are all forms of self loathing which is counterproductive and something to avoid.

A Xyngaboist understands the beauty of all life and the relationship of all consciousness. With this understanding a Xyngaboist works to preserve all forms of consciousness, where necessary.

A Xyngaboist believes in but does not worship the Xyngabo, as that would be self worship. Nor does a Xyngaboist worship the Xyn for they are just the custodians of our bastille.


1 Chhhavune is a Gruoink name and completely unpronounceable with human biology.

2 Gruoinks are genderless and therefore require a genderless pronoun..

3 While the physical laws of the Xyn's universe are unknown, effects similar to quantum effects are exhibited by the Xyngabo.

4 Xyngabo means synthetic or literally: Xyn made.

5 While the Xyngabo is a computer, comparing the Xyngabo to modern computers is not possible; anymore than comparing The Antikythera Mechanism and an Android Smart Phone is possible.

6 Do not think of this in terms of modern computers. Our universe is not a digital representation of a bunch of lines of code. All matter within our multiverse is real within the universe of the Xyn.

7 Intelligence limits, chemical imbalances, gene sets, etcetera, all have an affect on how the Xyngabo's consciousness is interpreted by the beings biology.